Monday, February 2, 2009

Wild Wild

Well we survived the gymnastics party. I have to laugh as everyone got to see the full extent of Luke being his wide open self. So funny that God gave me a son just like him. I tend to be a "stay between the lines", follow directions, stay proper kind of person... But that would not be true for my Luke. He is loud, he is funny, he likes to lead a crowd of 5 or 6, he can't pay attention for longer than ten seconds, he doesn't like to follow directions. So picture all the kids following the teacher playing with a beach ball, and i'm trying to redirect him as he runs to the trampoline and the mats and all over the place at lightning speed. And I've got Sophia in tow who is used to this by now!

It was quite funny. The birthday girls dad video'd literally the entire hour and a half of the fun. So they will have nice memories of wild Luke who took his shirt off and stole the show :). Oh my!


Leslie said...

I have a "leader" too! It's so funny, the things I love the most about her, are the things that drive me the craziest!

Kim said...

Yes, sounds like you have a boy on your hands. Mine is a handful too:) So glad you guys had fun!