Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4T Boy

Nana- thank you for our Valentines Day Outfits!!! I thought you'd like our dialogue when I mentioned Nana...

Luke: "we're goin to Nana Chambers house ?!"
Mommy: No Luke, but maybe we can go soon, ok?
Luke: "I want to go on the airplane and see Nana Chambers!!"--getting frustrated
Mommy: Well we have to save our money and then we can go...
Luke: No-- I'LL get the dollars, I'll get the dollars
** He proceeds to walk away, then return with my credit card ?? (this guy is resourceful!)
Luke: I got the moneys mama, I'll get my suitcase (he has a suitcase from Nanny)

I can't believe Luke is a 4T boy now... wow that went fast. I thought it was time to get a cute pic of him, which he gladly abliged:

Love my Lukey. Maybe I am partial but isn't he just the cutest thing!


Brent and Liz Ustick said...

Great dialogue.. smart boy!! Oh, and what a cutie! Love the pictures =)

Leslie said...

I used to think the same thing about checks when I was his age. I think I finally figured it out sometime in college - heh. Such a cutie!

MELISSA said...

He's adorable! Love his cheeky grin!! They grow way too fast don't they?

jane said...

Leslie! So good to find your blog- don't you just love blogging? I am adding you to my blog roll and reader. Your kids are adorable!! Luke looks so much like you!

anne said...

He is pretty darn cute! :)
Happy Weekend!