Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun to Parouse...

Love ! All these creative people have wonderful shops for people like me who don't sew and create :) But like to buy the stuff. Just bought these shoes for baby sister...

Absolutely adore them. Don't you?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Luke's Class Picture

Ok, is this too cute or what? Abby, Curren, Meg, Xander, Kendall and Luke :)

Luke started going to this Christian Day school when he was two... it is a great place. They do lots of activities and learning, the teachers are great. It is fun for Luke b/c he is so busy. He was invited to his first "friend" birthday party this week. Curren's birthday party is at the Farm- big day tomorrow!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Update

After my appt. tuesday they wanted to do an ultrasound b/c my belly was measuring a couple weeks small... small? I said. I feel big. So I did the ultrasound yesterday afternoon. She is doing well in there, weighing around 6 lbs. 6 oz. now. So she is just little like Luke was. Can't wait for her to come out. Nervous about the labor, but if I did it once I can do it again, right? So now we play the waiting game... 10 days to go?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Never Let Go...

This song moved me when I heard it on the radio. Reminds me that the Lord is near, and he is taking care of us. He is faithful, he is true and interested in every little aspect of our lives and struggles. Hope this ministers to you too...

Fun Holiday

We had a great long weekend. Wayne took off friday and in the afternoon we hung out and went to see the Indiana Jones movie-- it was a good one. Walked around the mall a bit. Friday night our friends Tim and Kathy came back through town... arriving with my new van! Wayne found this 05 Toyota Sienna on Autotrader and it was located just 20 minutes from where they were at. Everything checked out great and the car had everything I was looking for... the back up camera, remote sliding doors, and the DVD/navigation systems. So we made a deal! I love it already.

Saturday we went to the VB Oceanfront and let Luke play on the jungle gym. We also rented one of those funny 4 person beach bikes which was a lot of fun. Competitive Wayne had us passing on the left which was crazy! And little Luke and OJ were sitting in the front which got them lots of smiles and attention- which they both loved of course.

Monday Luke and I met some fam at Sandbridge Beach. First beach day and the weather was great! Hope you all had a great memorial day too!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

That time of year...

This time of year especially I love where we live. Our house sticks out kind of on a point into the Elizabeth River. There are lots of birds and animals to see, racoons too- they have actually figured out how to open the large trash cans outside to help themselves to some snacks every night :) I went out last monday and bought some nice flowers to plant in my planters. I also found some great hanging baskets for $12 each... my fav is this big one I put to enjoy by my kitchen window. I love having flowers all around.

Oh- and here is the latest belly picture. A huge basketball again :) Due three weeks from today!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

"My Friend OJ"

Our Friends Tim and Kathy came through town for a couple of days and brought their 2 miniature poodles. Oscar, aka "Oscarlito", is the black one; and OJ (for Oscar Junior) is the apricot one. Luke loved playing with them. The first morning he woke up and the first thing he asked was "where is my friend JJ??" The dogs let him carry them around and never nipped at him. We had a lot of fun with them!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picks for Baby...

There is so much neat stuff out there for baby... here are some favs that I've found online for her:

Baby Sling from : I love the fabric and it is reversible to chocolate brown!

Miracle Blanket: to swaddle baby in... watch the video online-this is so great. Even has little flaps on the inside to tuck their arms in.

Graco Snugfit Carseat: Kind of reminds me of the baby sling fabric. And it can sit on the stroller frame from her stroller!
And her Bugaboo!!! Found it used on craigslist from a lady in Richmond. Have it all set up and it is awesome. We may use the bassinette part at home for sleeping- it is super soft. Luke keeps wanting to ride in it, but he was ok with just putting Curious George in there instead :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 Weeks

So sunday will mark 5 weeks to my due date. At my midwife appt. on monday I found out that they do not let gestational diabetics go past their due date :( Which I was disturbed about because Luke was 10 days late. I go el natural... so I really do not want to have to be induced. So I am praying for an early or on time delivery, and my midwife said I could start this herbal supplement called 5W on sunday. It is a mixture of herbs and is supposed to get you ready for delivery. I have heard great things about it from my childbirth educator and midwife. So if you are pregnant... order some at You can take it your last 5 weeks (thus the name 5W). Sign me up for a speedier labor!

Otherwise I am doing well. Work and real estate closings are keeping me quite busy. And we are renovating my nephews new townhouse in a week- everything is looking great over there. Working with Luke on potty training... thanks to my friend Jennifer's idea he went in the potty yesterday for "TWO starbursts". Yay! Two of our rental properties turned over this week and all the details have gone pretty smoothly. And we may have found someone to buy our boat... which then I can maybe get my van!