Sunday, December 6, 2009

a travelin we will go!

Well my nursing 101 semester is almost done! We just got our grades for the teaching/learning paper and I scored a 98.5% ! ! ! And I thought I couldn't write (yay!) Was very excited about that. So really all that is left is my final exam monday and then off until january 3rd!

So what to do with the time off you ask? Why travel as much as possible! Next week the kids and I will be off to MICHIGAN to see my family for 6 days. Looking forward to meeting my new niece Lainey and seeing my parents, grandparents, sissies... and who ever else wants to hang out! We are planning a photo shoot with the seven cousins (I can't believe we have 7 kids between the 3 of us now!) So I will probably do new years cards instead of christmas fyi :)

Then after the MI trip- I work, and then we are off to THE BAHAMAS!!!! Thank you Citicard for all free flights! And we found a steal of a deal at the Atlantis... so we will be doing christmas in 85 degrees by the pool hopefully.