Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and time with family and friends today. It was a warm day... mid 60's I think (short sleeves!) We took some pictures outside in our newly raked yard. The Nor'easter two weekends ago totally kicked our butt... but we are getting put back together and I am thankful that the flood did not come IN my house!
The rare shot with me in it!
This picture Luke looks so big... it got me thinking about how he will look in middle school. So handsome!
The hair is flipping over the ears.... and I am in love!
But no hair still for sis... it's comin' in sister!
I told them to hold hands :) Sister says "cheese"

Was trying to get a cute one but all she wanted to do was run and play tag!
Love you everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Boots to buy

Passionista... who I follow on twitter is always following the trends... and she cued me on the "boots you must buy"

Read her commentary- - aren't they great!

INTCYE by Steven Madden

Loving these, aren't you sisters? But now, are people over 30 wearing leggings with these? And can anyone suggest a top or dress?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oyster Fest!

We took off friday afternoon to spend the day at the Urbanna Oyster Festival... it's about an hour and half from our house in a small town on the river. This is our 6th year going I believe! They have oysters directly from the Tappahannock: oyster fritters, steamed oysters, fried oysters... Not that I eat any oysters (yuck) but I love going to the festival!

Luke was all about the bouncy tent and the playground. They didn't really kick the kids out of the bouncy tent until they wanted to get out... so I just let him bounce and bounce to his hearts content!
We tried the teeter totter! I don't think most playgrounds even have these anymore b/c of injuries... but we had some fun. Love that pic above how neat
And sister is getting into a vocal stubborn phase. She wants what she wants and yells if she doesn't get it- ahhhh. I thought I had a little more time before the terrible twos were here.
I let her go into the bouncy tent for the first time when there were just a couple of kids in it. She liked it but didn't stay in too long!
And when they were tired Luke asks..."mommy.... I want to go to a hotel and relaaaaax!" My feeling exactly Luke!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We got the kids dressed up to go to the Holy Ghost Weiner Roast... which my mom in law's church puts on every year at Triple R Ranch as a Halloween alternative. Neither of them would sit still OR look at the camera but I did get a few pictures :) Sis was a butterfly, and Luke (surprise) was a pirate!
She didn't mind the costume at all! It was a satin material so not "eetchy" (she can say that when she's itchy!)

We also carved the pumpkin we bought last weekend... well half way. Luke was very hesitant to put his hands in the guts haha. I really enjoyed carving pumpkins with my sisters and mom would bake the pumpkin seeds. Yum Yum. Maybe as they get older we'll try to do the face since their attention span lasted about 5 minutes!