Monday, October 26, 2009


We have started searching around locally to see where Luke might start kindergarten next year! He will be a young 5 since his birthday is in June... so he could wait until the next year also. He can do kindergarten at the dayschool he is at right now- but then he would have to switch for first grade or repeat kindergarten if he isn't ready... so now is the time to look! There are a few open houses in November that we can check out so that is exciting. We will definately do a private school- since we live kind of near the ghetto haha. And thank goodness I am getting my nursing license b/c private school runs $6-10,000 a year !!!! Wow

Praying the Lord would lead us to the RIGHT place for Luke! These are in the running

The Williams School

Norfolk Collegiate

Cape Henry Collegiate

Any other suggestions?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Find of the Week

I would have to say I Love, Love, Love finding Sophia unique and totally girly outfittings, shoes... and now coat! It is getting colder and I did some looking around and found
CORKY & COMPANY Coats ! ! !
get ready to drool girls

Are you loving these as much as me? Machine washable; cuffed arms so they will fit next winter; the so cute swing coat style ! ! I was loving the brown with turquoise dot... but with her no hair decided to go with more pink and found the one in top picture right side on ebay NWT for less than half price. But I think Jane definately needs one for Grace, and Bethany needs one with the tassles on the hood for Adelee.

Comment girls!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Someone Please

I was searching on ebay for a cute costume for sister... and came across this sooooo cute Turtle by Tom Arma. Wish I had a little boy! Somebody please get this one.... Anne for Liam?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy Fire

Got a panicked call on my voicemail from my neighbor calling to say the duplex next door to my house was on fire.... whoa

I was in a movie so didn't get the message until after the fire department had gotten there. Thankfully no one was home. But there was a lot of damage to this end of the house- they figured the cause was an electrical short. I manage the property for our friend John who is in Uganda. So I had to break the news to both tenants (it's a duplex). It was so sad- everyone was crying b/c everything was damaged. Eric was nice to put up one guy in his house that's for sale. The other girl I think we will lose because it will take a few months to rebuild the house.

Wow. What an afternoon. Fires are sad. I'm thankful it wasn't at my house...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

That boy

My Luke is just so funny. We were shopping last weekend and he came up and showed me this:

I had not laughed so hard for a long time. I still laugh- aren't the braids too much ?!
Lukey you are such a character... your mama loves you so much. Just as many times you make to want to scream, you equally make me want to smile.
Never a dull moment. Never!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun Times

We spent friday to saturday in Richmond this weekend and had some fun family times! We visited the Richmond Children's Museum which I cannot say enough about. It puts poor Portsmouth's to shame. It made for hours of fun for both of the kids!
Helping the chicken lay his eggs...
Sister enjoyed making some art work
Luke did really well sorting the vegetables! What a great idea for a playroom

And Sweet Sis was looking so cute for church I just had to post a few pics since it's been a while :) She is really starting to talk a lot ... she turns 16 months old today! Some of her words are: mama, papa, buba (Luke), more, please, thank you, doggy, ducky ... and she will attempt to repeat many words I say too! So smart

Thank you to my Hubby for such a FUN weekend :)