Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Find of the Week

I would have to say I Love, Love, Love finding Sophia unique and totally girly outfittings, shoes... and now coat! It is getting colder and I did some looking around and found
CORKY & COMPANY Coats ! ! !
get ready to drool girls

Are you loving these as much as me? Machine washable; cuffed arms so they will fit next winter; the so cute swing coat style ! ! I was loving the brown with turquoise dot... but with her no hair decided to go with more pink and found the one in top picture right side on ebay NWT for less than half price. But I think Jane definately needs one for Grace, and Bethany needs one with the tassles on the hood for Adelee.

Comment girls!


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Oh I love the pink one. Too cute! I love your blog name. That is what home is often referred to for different reasons though! Really cute blog!

jane said...

Love it!! I too like the pink one. I am addicted to shopping for my little diva so thanks for feeding my addiction Les.