Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Compassionate forbearance given to one who offends you, instead of seeking for them the punishment they actually deserve.

Lord Help this to be my heart!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what's goin on

Hello Everyone! Hopefully fun summers are being had by all! We are plowing ahead and staying busy as always :) Free weekends are being spent at the beach- lovin' that. This saturday my sister Jess , her hubby Curtis and baby nephew Dayton are COMING ! ! ! Can't wait! They rented a condo right at Virginia Beach and we will be hanging next week at the ocean. It will be a great time!

Luke's 4th birthday is the 29th... and we are celebrating with his friends and fam this Saturday at the Jumpin' Monkey. He is VERY excited! I can't believe he is 4! Luke also started a reading class at the Kumon Learning Center. I have yet to be successful with getting him to retain letters/ sounds and the like. So they will work with him to prepare for kindergarten. Don't want my baby to be behind!

I have a few orientation days for Nursing school in July... then start class August 17!! That has been a date I have been striving to get to-- and means I achieved my goal of working nights from January until I start school. Yay! This is really one of the most challenging things I have done just b/c the work is hard, the hours are long; eager to be to the next step. But it makes me look forward to being a nurse and I will ALWAYS appreciate the nursing aides help.

Hope everyone is great!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

She is ONE!

Well my little baby turned 1 June 5th! I can hardly believe the year went so fast. It was a rough start with crying all the time for the first few months- but once that was over we had such a sweet baby!

Sophia you light up me and your Poppy's lives!

You loved to be carried around so you can see everything that is going on. Now that you are walking, though, you are starting to explore your surroundings. Your doctor called you "adventurous" which I would say is an accurate description. You like it when poppy throws you in the air, and when you went under water for the first time you came up with a funny look on your face but didn't cry. You are tough from all that crying Aunt Sharay says. Brother tackles you and pins you down- and I wouldn't even know b/c you don't let out a peep... you get him right back! You like to go to most people, and have a way of making them smile and feel happy. You have a warm personality which I hope stays true- what a wonderful characteristic to have.
You are very friendly and for example at the pool- walk around the entire time going up to families to smile and say hello, and see what they have to eat :) Everyone loves your friendliness. You know what you want and yell at momma until I figure it out- a drink, a cracker that you see, hungry. You can be a stinker too- and like to throw my papers off my desk and take the paper out of the printer- ahhh! You also unroll the toilet paper when I am not watching.

You are so much fun and I am so glad you are just the way you are!

Enjoy some Pics:

Getting ready to go for the frosting! You didn't notice the ten people looking at you until we started singing happy birthday... at which time you perked right up and were full of smiles :)

Love you Sweet Pea!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SnuglyMat - So Cool!

I was browsing Etsy today because I saw somewhere a blanket that rolled and had handles... and Sophia needs a little something to sleep in at the beach traila. And I found what couldn't have been cooler... Little Brown Crane's SnuglyMat!

See it is a nap mat with a built in pillow and attached double sided minky blanket! See isn't it soooo cute:

It rolls up and has a carrying strap... I had to get her name on it like so :) And fully machine washable! What do you all think?? This could work at the pool or beach too.

Monday, June 8, 2009


We had a wonderful time with my parents last week in the outer banks. We only get to spend time together about twice a year, so the time is cherished by all. It was very special to see Luke and Sophia with Nana and Papa Chambers...
And for Sweet Pea she couldn't get enough lovin... she would walk around the condo going for hugs from one and then the other grandparent. So cute. She really did love on them both lots.
Papa and Nana took her on lots of morning walks in the jogger which she loved. We took Luke once- but he asked me about 500 questions throughout the mile and a half walk. I told him he had to be quiet because this was supposed to be me and Nana's time to talk! Haha.

They had access to a great pool area which we frequented daily. Luke had a ball and Sister finally started to like the water this time!!
Thank you mom and dad for such a fun trip. It really was the best!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

beach and work

Got to hang last week at a beach condo with my parents and the kids in the outer banks... other than monday which I drove back for work- then right back to the beach! Beach and work, beach and work... not a bad schedule for the summer. The joy of one cancels out the dread of the other. I'll post some pics of our fun time and also of Sophia's Birthday Party!! We have a big one year old now :)