Monday, April 26, 2010

4 year old mind

Luke has been amazing me lately with his 4 year old mind... he is drawing conclusions on his own and actually remembering things I tell him!

One funny one: I was studying in the office after dinner and see Luke open the front door out of the corner of my eye... I ask him what he is doing-- he has thrown the apple he just ate out into the front yard :) Why? I ask... and he goes on to tell me about his apple seeds will go into the ground and grow into an apple tree. And that it needs dirt, and water, and sun and he will have a tree! That's right Luke!

Every few days he will ask me about where his apple tree is and if his seeds have grown! So smart

Monday, April 12, 2010

Up out of the hole

The last couple of weeks I have felt like I am coming out of a hole ... almost 1/2 way through nursing school (hoorah); and I got a job transfer to the heart hospital and I am doing two evening or morning shifts instead of nights! And maybe it is that that has me feeling more peppy. A little pep in my step! I actually enjoy the job, instead of dreading both the job and the staying up all hours of the night. It really had me grumpy much of the time. And I probably wouldn't of transferred had I just not gotten fed up one night and found that job online!

God is near and he is taking care. Luke is set up for kindergarten, Wayne's work should be fruitful-- Thank you Lord. I have 2 real estate transactions for may/june... And I have been able to be at church regularly since no nightshifts and really have enjoyed worship - again the nearness of the Lord!

The Up and Up is so much better than the pit

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Well Happy Easter! He has Risen!
We enjoyed a great family day today. Went to church and celebrated Easter at Sharays!

Yes her Matilda Jane arrived on Friday!! I was so excited- she was too, she picked which dress to wear :)

Luke was so excited about the Egg Hunt this morning that I had to give him a Special Agent Oso "Three Special Steps" to keep him in line:
Step 1: Go to Trader Joes and get the Ham
Step 2: Go To Church and learn about Jesus!
Step 3: Lunch and Egg Hunt at Aunt Sharay's!
It's funny because the 3 steps helps him when something is further ahead during the day, since his concept of time is still premature.... like his teacher Ms. Clare told me.... "once that child learns to tell time we better ALL watch out!"

And some Crosby kid fun: everyone jump into Nanny's convertible and drive around! Woo hoo!