Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I have been doing

Well I haven't had much interesting stuff to post about, not that I am not busy! So I will follow Erica and tell you what I have been doing...

Playing at the Beach

Pondering love

Making macaroni and cheese for dinner too many times (or maybe that isn't possible?!)

Seeking the Lord

Enjoying Sophia's smiles as Luke chases her around

Evaluating my Heart

Selling a House

Getting a little nervous about starting Nursing school in 3 weeks


Answering Luke's one hundred questions about clouds and storms and fireworks

Missing my sissies

Counting down 8 night shifts until I then only have to work ONE a week- ya ya

Asking for a merry heart

.... As I live day by day trying to honor God in my actions and mind!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surfer Girl

Well if you haven't noticed, this little girl is lighting up our lives :) Got her a Roxy bathing suit this weekend b/c she can't fit into her 12 month suit! And it was 50% off- great find, huh?

Maybe she will be the surf champion of the world! She sure did love standing on the board :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun on the Fourth

Well if she isn't the cutest darn beach baby you have ever seen...
We spent the fourth at the beach in the Outerbanks and had some family come for the day to hang out. The goal being to get as tan as possible, of course! And I even dragged Wayne in for a picture... he hates having his picture taken heehee. But Luke loves it...
Nanny and sister :)
Me and Sharay :)
We got David to come up only because he was promised fishing from the beach... but only a little blue fish was caught shown by Caleb here:
We ate a late lunch at Hurricane Moes where you can get 10 cent peel and eat steamed shrimp, and 25 cent wings- yum we ate like 200 I think! Luke was very concerned about the fireworks- asking me a hundred questions about where they are, and how they go off... he ended up falling asleep right before they started, so Wayne and I just snuck peeks of the fireworks while sitting on the deck. It was a fun weekend!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Visit and a Wedding

We've had a busy couple of weeks! Really enjoyed visit last week with my sister Jess, hubby Curtis and Dayton. We had a lot of fun hanging out at the pool, walking the board walk, and loving on the babies :)
This life vest I saw on some kids at the YMCA... and a mom tipped me that you can buy it at Walmart. They have different colors and animals. It is the BEST! (Thanks Aunt Sharay for getting it for him!) We could never find something that Luke would keep on... the water wings scratched his arm pits; and life vest made him chlostrophobic- so this vest is a Blessing! He can play without assistance and have a great time, which he did!!

Sweeters warmed up a bit to the pool again. The babes enjoyed floating around lots.
Uncle Curtis is the best... he stayed in the pool for hours with Luke and the babes :) Thursday night we got a babysitter and all went to Ruth Cris Steakhouse. Curtis loves steak- so Wayne wanted him to experience the BEST Kobi Ribeye around, and it lived up to the expectations!

Sweet Cousins :)

Saturday we had my Nephew Ray's Wedding!! It was a beautiful day and had so many times to recount God's goodness in Ray's life. I cried at the wedding (of course), and cried when Luke came down the aisle. I did well at the reception until Sharay and Ray danced- then lost it again! Whoo. Lots of tears this week. I didn't get too many pics- but here is the cutest ring bearer you have ever seen! He did a great job walking down the aisle and held Caleb's hand. So proud of you buddy!

Hope everyone is great- and ready for a fun 4th of July!!