Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I have been doing

Well I haven't had much interesting stuff to post about, not that I am not busy! So I will follow Erica and tell you what I have been doing...

Playing at the Beach

Pondering love

Making macaroni and cheese for dinner too many times (or maybe that isn't possible?!)

Seeking the Lord

Enjoying Sophia's smiles as Luke chases her around

Evaluating my Heart

Selling a House

Getting a little nervous about starting Nursing school in 3 weeks


Answering Luke's one hundred questions about clouds and storms and fireworks

Missing my sissies

Counting down 8 night shifts until I then only have to work ONE a week- ya ya

Asking for a merry heart

.... As I live day by day trying to honor God in my actions and mind!

1 comment:

Katherine M. said...

I like your post, Leslie. Gave me a good pic of what's going on. Miss you!