Monday, July 14, 2008

Cry, Cry, Cry

I thought we had a talk Lord where you were not going to give me 2 colicky babies... which is what I've got. Don't want to complain but that is what my days, oh and nights are right now: cry, cry, cry. Some days are worst than others. If she goes 5 minutes contently silent (unless sleeping) I am wondering what is wrong. i wonder if some babies are happy but I guess i will never know.

It is hard. Sometimes I just want a break... I hope she gets better soon.


Katherine M. said...

Leslie, I will be praying. I have the next couple days free if you want me to come watch your two while you sleep or get out of the house. Let me know if I can help. Much love!

Billie said...

I have some tricks I could tell you for helping your babies to be content. Call me.