Friday, July 18, 2008

Dr. Foster

A friend recommended chiropractor Dr. Foster for helping Sophia. I then found out quite a few other friends (Andrea, Kordays, Ginger) had known her a long time and strongly trusted her knowledge. Worth a try, right? I guess if the baby's back is misaligned from delivery it can impede the nerve messages sent to the stomach and result in digestive problems; the nerve also links to SIDS. So Dr. checked and aligned me first-- small pushes on pressure points on the head and spine. Felt good. Then Sophia layed on my stomach and got her own little adjustment. It was kind of hot in the house and she screamed the whole time we were there, but fell right asleep in the car and has been more content in general since the adjustment I would say. We go back for a check on wednesday.

Glad we went.

Taking off for the Outer Banks this afternoon... we have a new RV at this cute little RV park in Kitty Hawk and are enjoying little weekend "cations" there as Luke would say. I'll take some pictures this time and give you a tour when we get back!

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