Thursday, July 31, 2008


We are attempting to keep a budget... and wondering how much do you families out there spend on food every week? If you have tips and tricks... comment below!


Billie said...

right now we are on a tight budget so I have to stay within 200-250. every two weeks. I thought I could never do it, but I've been able to for 3 months. I usually make out my meal plan for the two weeks and then write my list according to those meals. I can't buy anything extra though. Just stuff for meals. Plus we have a single living with us and she eats dinner with us so this budget works for 6 people. Brian, the kids and I all eat three meals too. Email me if you want some more ideas for meals or shopping. love you.

Erin said...

Hey Les! Of course I remember you! Ha, Ha, that is funny you never knew I married Caleb......told ya! We have 3 kids and will have 4 in January :)

As far as this post goes....all my friends down here, myself included, are coupon crazy ladies. Try this website Most of us spend maybe $40/week on groceries. Some are better than others at it. If you check out my blog and see my friends, go to the Cox family and scroll down. My friend Medana has a few posts of her amazing deals.

I'll be stopping by often!