Tuesday, June 16, 2009

what's goin on

Hello Everyone! Hopefully fun summers are being had by all! We are plowing ahead and staying busy as always :) Free weekends are being spent at the beach- lovin' that. This saturday my sister Jess , her hubby Curtis and baby nephew Dayton are COMING ! ! ! Can't wait! They rented a condo right at Virginia Beach and we will be hanging next week at the ocean. It will be a great time!

Luke's 4th birthday is the 29th... and we are celebrating with his friends and fam this Saturday at the Jumpin' Monkey. He is VERY excited! I can't believe he is 4! Luke also started a reading class at the Kumon Learning Center. I have yet to be successful with getting him to retain letters/ sounds and the like. So they will work with him to prepare for kindergarten. Don't want my baby to be behind!

I have a few orientation days for Nursing school in July... then start class August 17!! That has been a date I have been striving to get to-- and means I achieved my goal of working nights from January until I start school. Yay! This is really one of the most challenging things I have done just b/c the work is hard, the hours are long; eager to be to the next step. But it makes me look forward to being a nurse and I will ALWAYS appreciate the nursing aides help.

Hope everyone is great!

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