Monday, June 8, 2009


We had a wonderful time with my parents last week in the outer banks. We only get to spend time together about twice a year, so the time is cherished by all. It was very special to see Luke and Sophia with Nana and Papa Chambers...
And for Sweet Pea she couldn't get enough lovin... she would walk around the condo going for hugs from one and then the other grandparent. So cute. She really did love on them both lots.
Papa and Nana took her on lots of morning walks in the jogger which she loved. We took Luke once- but he asked me about 500 questions throughout the mile and a half walk. I told him he had to be quiet because this was supposed to be me and Nana's time to talk! Haha.

They had access to a great pool area which we frequented daily. Luke had a ball and Sister finally started to like the water this time!!
Thank you mom and dad for such a fun trip. It really was the best!

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