Monday, October 26, 2009


We have started searching around locally to see where Luke might start kindergarten next year! He will be a young 5 since his birthday is in June... so he could wait until the next year also. He can do kindergarten at the dayschool he is at right now- but then he would have to switch for first grade or repeat kindergarten if he isn't ready... so now is the time to look! There are a few open houses in November that we can check out so that is exciting. We will definately do a private school- since we live kind of near the ghetto haha. And thank goodness I am getting my nursing license b/c private school runs $6-10,000 a year !!!! Wow

Praying the Lord would lead us to the RIGHT place for Luke! These are in the running

The Williams School

Norfolk Collegiate

Cape Henry Collegiate

Any other suggestions?


rob said...

My opinion would be to leave him in dayschool with sis and do kindergarten there. If he has to repeat it no big deal as he would be starting at a new school anyway. I think that as a young 5 and as a boy that waiting until he is 6 or having him do it twice would be the better idea. It is not that he is not smart enough, it is the boy factor and attention span. Think about what will be better for him down the road when he is older. Do what is best for him. I had the hardest time with this decision, but am glad I had Jacob do kindergarten twice. It has benefited him greatly socially, in the classroom and in sports. If asked most teachers will tell you to start later with boys! Thats my input! LOVE YOU!!!

Erica said...

Lesli, we put Benjamin and Bradley at Trinity and the kindergarten teacher is phenomenal! You can call me if you have questions. They have an open house in January. I cannot say enough about his teacher. Small school. Only one class for each grade. Full time aide in the class, and more reasonable than some of the other bigger schools. Call me!