Friday, October 16, 2009

Crazy Fire

Got a panicked call on my voicemail from my neighbor calling to say the duplex next door to my house was on fire.... whoa

I was in a movie so didn't get the message until after the fire department had gotten there. Thankfully no one was home. But there was a lot of damage to this end of the house- they figured the cause was an electrical short. I manage the property for our friend John who is in Uganda. So I had to break the news to both tenants (it's a duplex). It was so sad- everyone was crying b/c everything was damaged. Eric was nice to put up one guy in his house that's for sale. The other girl I think we will lose because it will take a few months to rebuild the house.

Wow. What an afternoon. Fires are sad. I'm thankful it wasn't at my house...

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abbey said...

yikes! that stinks. glad it wasn't yours too!