Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We got the kids dressed up to go to the Holy Ghost Weiner Roast... which my mom in law's church puts on every year at Triple R Ranch as a Halloween alternative. Neither of them would sit still OR look at the camera but I did get a few pictures :) Sis was a butterfly, and Luke (surprise) was a pirate!
She didn't mind the costume at all! It was a satin material so not "eetchy" (she can say that when she's itchy!)

We also carved the pumpkin we bought last weekend... well half way. Luke was very hesitant to put his hands in the guts haha. I really enjoyed carving pumpkins with my sisters and mom would bake the pumpkin seeds. Yum Yum. Maybe as they get older we'll try to do the face since their attention span lasted about 5 minutes!

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MELISSA said...

Cute costumes! Love the butterfly!