Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving meal and time with family and friends today. It was a warm day... mid 60's I think (short sleeves!) We took some pictures outside in our newly raked yard. The Nor'easter two weekends ago totally kicked our butt... but we are getting put back together and I am thankful that the flood did not come IN my house!
The rare shot with me in it!
This picture Luke looks so big... it got me thinking about how he will look in middle school. So handsome!
The hair is flipping over the ears.... and I am in love!
But no hair still for sis... it's comin' in sister!
I told them to hold hands :) Sister says "cheese"

Was trying to get a cute one but all she wanted to do was run and play tag!
Love you everyone!


Ash said...

i LOVE these pics Les! :)
Thankful for you!!

Katie said...

cute pics Les!