Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun Holiday

We had a great long weekend. Wayne took off friday and in the afternoon we hung out and went to see the Indiana Jones movie-- it was a good one. Walked around the mall a bit. Friday night our friends Tim and Kathy came back through town... arriving with my new van! Wayne found this 05 Toyota Sienna on Autotrader and it was located just 20 minutes from where they were at. Everything checked out great and the car had everything I was looking for... the back up camera, remote sliding doors, and the DVD/navigation systems. So we made a deal! I love it already.

Saturday we went to the VB Oceanfront and let Luke play on the jungle gym. We also rented one of those funny 4 person beach bikes which was a lot of fun. Competitive Wayne had us passing on the left which was crazy! And little Luke and OJ were sitting in the front which got them lots of smiles and attention- which they both loved of course.

Monday Luke and I met some fam at Sandbridge Beach. First beach day and the weather was great! Hope you all had a great memorial day too!

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