Thursday, May 1, 2008

5 Weeks

So sunday will mark 5 weeks to my due date. At my midwife appt. on monday I found out that they do not let gestational diabetics go past their due date :( Which I was disturbed about because Luke was 10 days late. I go el natural... so I really do not want to have to be induced. So I am praying for an early or on time delivery, and my midwife said I could start this herbal supplement called 5W on sunday. It is a mixture of herbs and is supposed to get you ready for delivery. I have heard great things about it from my childbirth educator and midwife. So if you are pregnant... order some at You can take it your last 5 weeks (thus the name 5W). Sign me up for a speedier labor!

Otherwise I am doing well. Work and real estate closings are keeping me quite busy. And we are renovating my nephews new townhouse in a week- everything is looking great over there. Working with Luke on potty training... thanks to my friend Jennifer's idea he went in the potty yesterday for "TWO starbursts". Yay! Two of our rental properties turned over this week and all the details have gone pretty smoothly. And we may have found someone to buy our boat... which then I can maybe get my van!


abbey said...

5 weeks! So exciting!! I can't wait to see you beautiful little girl. glad you are doing well...good luck with potty training :)

Sarah said...

Hope your little one comes on time. I have babies without drugs too...My water broked with Grace, and I was GBS positive, so I only had a few hours for labor to start. My midwife told me that if I wasn't in active labor by 5, I would have to go to the hospital and be induced. Nothing happened all afternoon, and I just kept praying to start feeling the pain :)At 5 sharp, labor started, and she was born 3 hours later. God is good and he pays attention even to these small details for us :)

Les said...

Very encouraging Sarah... thanks for sharing :)