Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picks for Baby...

There is so much neat stuff out there for baby... here are some favs that I've found online for her:

Baby Sling from : I love the fabric and it is reversible to chocolate brown!

Miracle Blanket: to swaddle baby in... watch the video online-this is so great. Even has little flaps on the inside to tuck their arms in.

Graco Snugfit Carseat: Kind of reminds me of the baby sling fabric. And it can sit on the stroller frame from her stroller!
And her Bugaboo!!! Found it used on craigslist from a lady in Richmond. Have it all set up and it is awesome. We may use the bassinette part at home for sleeping- it is super soft. Luke keeps wanting to ride in it, but he was ok with just putting Curious George in there instead :)

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abbey said...

It's amazing how much cool stuff there is for babies now! Very cute finds :) I'm sure you're very ready to put them to use!