Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well now seems to be a good time to get some early deals for summer outfits on ebay. Not as many people swarming the good ones since it is early :) Check out these cutie little bubble rompers from the gap:

I can just imagine Sophia's chubber legs- oh my they will be so sweet. I just gasped thinking about the fact that she could be walking this summer. My baby!

Oh- This one I totally hope I get too, love the fuscia flowers:

And my fav brand for Sophia is Baby Lulu... this swing top set with the ruffles is sooooo cute...

Now don't be going on and beating me on my auctions, you hear???? haha


Leslie said...

was this directed at moi? hee hee! very cute outfits!

MELISSA said...

Shopping for little girls is so fun! I've bought a few things off ebay in the past, but not in awhile cause you're right it can be hard to get the good ones!