Monday, February 16, 2009

God of Comfort

I have really been feeling God come and bring me comfort the last week or so. When I have felt like I am at an end of myself-- then I am reminded that I need to not take it all upon myself to "do it all" or "be tough and bear". Things are not easy but God is working in my life right now.

A Streams in the Desert Daily Devotional I read...

"Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee who passing through the valley of weeping, make it a well" Psalms 84: 5, 6

And then it said:
Comfort does not come to the light-hearted and merry. We must go down into the "depths" if we would experience this most precious of God's gifts-- comfort.

So in my weakness and through my trials he is showing me comfort! What an awesome God.

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Erica said...

Is this the same edition of streams in the desert i gave you? I LOVE that devotional. It always screams to me and my needs!