Friday, February 27, 2009

Honest Kids

Let me introduce to you a frequent flyer in our house...
Meet Honest Kids Juice. With Luke already being a 10 on the excited scale before any type of sugar... these are the juices I let him have. Honest Tea’s new line of organic, low-sugar, fruit-flavored thirst quenchers offers a great-tasting alternative to sugar-laden beverages. pouch contains less than half the sugar of most other pouch drinks. They have 10g where Capri Suns have like 30g. Try Them! They taste so good. And I used to pay $5 or more dollars for a box of 8 at Babies R Us or Farm Fresh. But I just saw the Berry Lemonade flavor at Walmart for $3.84. Bought the last two boxes!

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Sarah G. said...

Hi Lesli, I have seen those in Sam's. Very cheap too. I was wondering if they were any good. Thanks for the tip. We need juice pouches for the two big boys school lunches. I will have to try them. I keep my kids on a one cup of water downed 100% juice a day and milk for the rest, but what a great idea to have around for out of the house travel. P.S. I tried to comment on the "MckCruise" post and could get it to take. I am excited about that. Who knows maybe I can go :)