Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Giveaway ! ! !

Because I Love Blogging, and I LOVE all of you who read my blog.... I am doing a fun Valentine's Giveaway ! ! ! Here is the prize from my favorite BCharmer's Etsy shop:

This beautiful fun belt, custom fit for the winner!! She is a high quality sewer and please do check out her wallets. I bought one to match my diaper bag and it is the BEST ever. Lots of pockets for cards, change, check book- with a cute snap strap to keep everything in.

To enter:

* Leave me a comment!

And to encourage you spyers to come out of the woodwork... (or maybe because I want more pictures in my follow me section!)

** If you sign up to "Follow Me" on blogger, write that in your comment and I will enter you Three Times!! And introduce yourself... we all want to meet you!

I'll pick the winner on Monday :)


MELISSA said...

You know I'm here! :) And I LOVE the belt - super cute. I'll have to check out her other stuff!

Michelle said...

Alright, I'm a blurker. I'll admit it! :) Thanks for the giveaway Les. Cute belt!

Leslie said...

Really cute - I love Etsy! I checked out her site, too. Really funky wallets. I may have to get me one, too! Thanks for passing it on.

AmyB said...

Super cute! Etsy's addicting huh? Love ya

Hollie said...

count me in....i love giveaways!

and I'm following!

Christina said...

Etsy is sooo addictive! Her stuff is cute! Love you sis!

Paul, Jess, Elise and Baby Boy LeValley said...

Les...I guess I'm a blurker too...though I think I did comment once before! :) I have changed my ways and am now a follower. By the way...Elise loves for me to pull up your blog and listen to the tunes! :)