Friday, February 27, 2009

What She's Up to...

Sweeters is a whole lotta fun. She can be found not far from my ankles as she is a nosy rosey and wants to know what is going on. When I am doing office work she plays around with Luke's toys, and tries to take my papers off my desk and frequently eat them. Haha. She crawls around easily now but prefers to stand. She can stand holding lightly with one hand and reach down and pick something else up with her other hand. She let go and stood up all by herself the other day. If you hold her hands she laughs and starts jumping- and gets off the ground! Her nine month birthday is next week!

She is interested in the bathroom, curious about me brushing or blow drying my hair. She hangs out in the kitchen and likes to try to climb up onto the dishwasher when open! She puts up with all of Luke's shenanigans... I was on the phone this morning and he was bopping her head back while she was in the jumperoo--- and it didn't bother her, she was happy as can be! But Luke better watch out b/c she is not scared of anything. She will tackle him and try to take his swords already. I already hear... "mom, sister is taking my ______" :)

And she is happy on my hip. I love to take you everywhere I go Sweeters. You're my best little partner.


Hollie said...

9 months already?!! doesn't it fly by??

what a cute pic!!

Katherine M. said...

She sound like she's so much fun. I love that stage. I can't believe she's already nine months old.