Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweeters' "New" Room

So after posting about my nights of getting up and down so many times, my sister Christina was very disturbed. She said Sweeters needs to come out! in order for anyone to get any good sleep. "But where could she go?" I asked since we only have 2 bedrooms?? Well the wise choice was the living room Mckmama style! (she has set up quite a few creative rooms for her many small children :) We never sit in the living room anyway... and it is further from our bedroom so if Sophia cries a little or I have to feed her, I don't have to worry about her waking up the boys. We did have to add a little radiator heater, which involved running a new circuit for an outlet b/c it was shorting when we turned on the heater in our room. (Aside... which ended up being a blessing b/c when my handyman went under the house he found a broken pipe).

So sister is so cute and enjoying her "new room":

And she is so getting ready to crawl! See how she walks out to all fours...
She moves herself to get her favorite toys.. fish bowl with the little animals, oh and brothers chainsaw :)


Christina said...

YEA!!! She looks so happy in her new space!!! LOVE HER!

Kim said...

So cute!! She is at such a fun age!

Can I just give you a big "thank you!" I'm going to buy vicks and mussinex today. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

Katherine M. said...

We missed you at the care group party, Leslie. I pray you are able to get some good sleep soon. Stick it out and try to get through these days of letting her cry it out. It will be so worth it when she sleeps through the night and so do you. Love you and hope your Christmas season is blessed.