Friday, December 12, 2008

have a great Weekend

Here are a couple of cute pictures of me and Sweeters, we hope you have a great weekend ! Isn't her romper cute with the little green stars? $4 on ebay loves. Her eyes look kind of green in that first picture don't they? Oh, she had her 6 month checkup on monday and weighed in at 17lbs. 4 ounces! And 27 inches long. Her head was still in the 95th percentile, but height and weight kind of dropped a little from her 4 month stats of also 95th. It amazes me how big my babies are/were... I was always a bit of a runt. Skinny and small all of my growing up years- not the case for my offspring so far! She is starting to walk out to a crawl type stance from sitting. She really wants to go! She tries to get to Luke and kind of attacks him, it is really funny. Can't wait to see them play as she gets bigger. Some days she is the best baby, content to hang out with me whatever we are doing. Others she is high maintenance and fusses everytime I put her down- only happy on my hip. We love you Sophia!


Brian said...

you have a really beautiful child. hope she stays healthy. Have a very merry Christmas.

anne said...

She is SO sweet :)
LOVE the star Romper.

Christina said...

What a great pic of you and sis in front of the tree!