Sunday, December 21, 2008

Halleluiah, Praise the Lord, She is taking a Bottle

I don't think I've posted about this, but if you know me in real life I have been trying everything to get Sophia to take a bottle. I tried the fat Dr. Brown's, the Breast Flow bottle, the Adiri natural nurser bottle (I wished she would have taken that one b/c is was so cool!), avent magic sippy cup, Playtex vented. No go. She would chew on the bottle nipple like it was a teether. Then gag, spit it out, choke, throw a fit. Was it the milk she didn't like? So I bought a breast pump on craigslist and pumped, tried soy milk, non-soy Carnation milk, then Earth's Best Organic soy milk... same result on all milks.

Then I saw a mom in Nordstom (by the way they have the best nursing mothers room) feeding her twin 10 month girls with the skinny bottle by Dr. Brown's... made a mental note to try those. And I did have a couple from Luke's "boo" days. Low and behold she got it! Ate 2 ounces, then 4! We've got it! What a relief.


Brent and Liz Ustick said...

Yay! I know what a relief it is for you to have found the right bottle! These are what Avery likes best, too.

And I really enjoyed watching our little ones "play" yesterday.. so cute!

Rebekah said...

That is great! I had the same problem with Duncan and he ended up only eating from the Dr. Browns as well... kinda crazy! We really need to get our little ones together. :)

Kim said...

OH, I went through this with Abigail. Isn't it so stressful? So glad you found what works for you!! Merry Christmas.