Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not me Tuesday...

So we just got back into town, so it is Not me Tuesday for me this week! I did NOT agree to take a road trip with the kids and Wayne's parents to Savannah, GA (7 hours away) for a long weekend.

We did not praise Hotels.com in the car for their excellent phone service only to pull up to the said booked hotel who had NO non-smoking rooms. It then did NOT take an hour to debate with the front desk person and hotels.com to get a cancellation b/c my babies were not sleeping in a smokey room. Not us!

Lukey did not stand at the door and pee (you should see this guys stream it is impressive even to him!) 5 or six feet away from the van into a ditch so we didn't have to stop at a rest stop :)

I did NOT watch Kung Fu Panda seven times in the last 3 days.

Sister did NOT go the entire trip without a bath, no that would not have been good. (she is bathed now folks)

So we lived to tell about it! I'll post some pics later :)


Katherine M. said...

Lesli, You are too funny. Love the images. Hope to see you at care group tomorrow night. Hugs!

abbey said...

Aw sorry about the Not so fun weekend :( Glad you all lived to tell about it..funny post!

Kim said...

You are so brave!! I could never have taken a 7 hr car ride with Abigail,NO SIR! One hour and I would cry.
Glad it was fun despite the hassles.