Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I see other's do this Wordless Wednesday. Don't know where it came from, let me know if you do! But everyone seems to write anyway haha.
Just in case you missed seeing our "Sweeters" :) Here she is in her pink stripey sweater from Aunt Jess... so very stylin' of course. (and maybe the same as 4littlemen's Liza and Nolia???... totally cutey twins). Sis is just SO sweet. I think she is making up for all that colic crying from the first 2 months of her life! We went to cousin Kyle's basketball game last night... and she smiled at everyone making lots of friends the whole time. Luke already knows EVERYONE. He gets all the girls to carry him around; and plays with the big guy varsity team guys too. Cracks me up. He doesn't stop the whole time we are there. The "Mayor" in full effect.


MELISSA said...

Love the pink stripes! My Naomi has a hoodie very similar to that one! :) I don't know where wordless wednesday came from but i do it too lol.

Christina said...

Sis-she is getting so big! Wish I could give her a big smooch! Love you all!

4 Little Men and Twins said...

Yes! That is the same top... isn't it contagiously cute! I put it on the girls all the time because it's so adorable, soft and snuggly!

you little girl is so cute!


Billie said...

hey les i am going to be at Joey's game (i think he plays with kyle) next friday. go to it so i can see you. love you.


Erica said...

I love the Monday I DID NOT idea...I could do it every day I am afraid :) But, I will start doing it, too. And, maybe I will try the non wordless wednesdays! Great ideas, Les!