Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow (?) Day

Well, here in Virginia it rarely snows. Yesterday they kept saying on the news it was snowing... and lo and behold just because of the imminent threat of snow, the public schools actually closed school today- which means Luke's school is also closed. And so far today--- not even a snowflake. Isn't that funny? I grew up in Michigan where there is snow and below zero temps for many months, and we hardly ever got a snow day! And good old Virginia has one and it doesn't even snow.

So we are having a good day- the kids and I. I swept and mopped all the floors, hoo-ra. Heading over to my friend Erica's for a play date later this afternoon.

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Hollie said...

I know what you mean, they get all nervous about it and close the schools.
Here's one for ya, we've actually had to close our schools for a day or two because it rained so hard and the school buses couldn't get down (or basically washed away) the dirt roads! And asphalt/pavement has been around for how long??!!!

and i read your mac n cheese recipe and it sounds pretty good too!