Saturday, January 17, 2009

Comfort Food

Growing up and through my college years I was a big fan of grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch... and still am! Amy's Organic has an amazing tomato soup. Actually tastes like real tomatoes (not that I don't like good old Campbell's once in a while)... I LOVE it! And I make my grilled cheese with one piece kraft and a sprinkle of mozarella. What is your fav comfort meal?


Ashleigh said...

I like that soup too! Although I like to add a little cream to it.

One of my favorite comfort meals is homemade chicken noodle soup over mashed potatoes. Can anyone say carbs? :)

Leslie said...

We are cut from the same cloth, sister! I love grilled cheese and tomato soup. I'm going to have to check this brand out, for sure! Thanks for the info.

Good 'ole mac & cheese would be my favorite comfort food - baked, of course!

Rebekah said...

I would say Cinnamon Rice (rice, milk, cinnamon and sugar)... kind of weird right!And I would have to say mac and cheese.

Erica said...

Oh Les, this has to be one of my favorite meals! Always believed we were sisters at our core :) Little things like this prove it to me!!! Cannot beat a good bowl of homeade mac and cheese with breadcrumbs on top!