Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TONE UP Tuesday!

Well with that tease of 80 degree weather yesterday it got me thinking that bathing suit season is right around the corner-- ahhhh! (Aside: I have my heart set on a halter tankini with bottoms that have a mini skirt. If you see a good one like that online- let me know!)

I totally need to tone up before summer... so I hit the Y today. And I was thinking I bet others of you moms out there need to too. Did you know I have Bachelors Degree in Health Fitness... and I was a personal trainer for a few years in Tampa after I graduated college? So I thought- I can share some exercises with my fellow bloggers and we can tone up together, how fun!

So here is this weeks exercise: BABY SQUATS!

** Start by holding your baby close to your chest. Stand with your feet turned outwards and proceed to squat down with your knees pointing outward like your feet. Return to the starting position and repeat 20 times!

Do a set after you wash the dishes; between loads of laudry, or while you are boiling your spaghetti! And if you don't have a baby, don't worry! They will work those buns and thighs either way.

Anyone want to make me a Tone up Tuesday Button ??


Leslie said...

love this! i need me some motivation girl! i had just lost all of my baby weight when i got pregnant with this last one. i know, it sounds like every mom. i found a cute suit last year at lands end. it is a tankini, but the bottoms have a draw string on each side of the leg opening. very cute, and not too revealing =)

anne said...

I'm in. Great idea.
I got a cute suit last year(even though I didn't get to wear it because I was pregnant) at Modbeclothing.com...I haven't looke at the suits they have this year.

Erica said...

great idea.....the button would be great! lets get together next week!