Monday, March 9, 2009

Soccer Baller

First day of Practice today! I tell you the truth, I was geared up and even biting my nails on the way to get him! I decided at 3:00 that his nike shoes were too big, so Sweeters and I did b-line for the Sports Authority and exchanged them for a size 10. Much better. Wouldn't want a big shoe slowin my boy down now. Also got him his cutey Under Armour soccer shirt- gotta be stylin of course! It's a little big but room to grow!
He wasn't sure what to think at first... kids and parents EVERYWHERE!
But Poppy got there and he did a pretty good job. He had a hard time staying on track (not so much a surprise)... was hoping they would break into smaller groups but I guess they don't at this age.

He had a great time. And stayed to play while cousin Caleb practiced too!

And Sweeters was of course his BIGGEST fan. She would watch and jump, jump in my lap because she was so excited.
Go Luke!


Billie said...

savanna starts soccor tomorrow too. i will try to post some pics. go luke! he looks adorable for sure.


Emily said...

ahhh too stinking cute:) love your blog and you and your family are darling.. soo precious:) glad you stopped bye my blog! Looks like the weather was wonderful were you live this weekend too:) happy tuesday!

Christina said...

Sis, can't believe he looks so big!!! Jacob only rocks the UnderArmour.It's his favorite brand! Expensive, but you can wear the heck out of it! Great for sporty boys!