Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Girl Time

It's been raining for the last 5 days... yuck! I hope we see some sun soon. So in the spirit of cheering up, sweet pea and I headed to the mall for some walking and window shoppin'. What else to cheer us girls up!

Did cave and buy her a bubble romper that was just too cute to let go. And we visited the kids indoor play thing, it was her first time. She just sat there watching for a couple minutes--then "crawled" right in! She wanted to climb high and do it all by herself. I loved her smiles :)

We also went to get her passport photo today. (I was kind of puzzled what to write in when it asked for her "hair" color... heehee) Poppy has been promising Lukey a Disney "Pirate Ship" cruise for a while now. We may have enough points and tax man $ to go next month. I am holding my breath! This may just be the break I need to keep me sane with all the working 24/7 I have been doing. And plus, these vacation junkies are going through withdrawal. Want to come Mom and Dad???


Anonymous said...

hey les - would love to take a vacation together. am not sure your dad would go "off shore" though:) glad you and sophia enjoyed the girl's day at the mcarthur- remember taking luke there last summer. love mom

Shanda said...

Loved the "hair color" question! ;) too cute! Here's hoping the Disney "Pirate Ship" Cruise will be a go!