Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello All

Haven't blogged in a week... did you miss me ?! Well things were pretty busy. Worked Sunday, Wednesday and Friday nights at the hospital. And had a home inspection that went FOUR hours for my buyer on Thursday night. Had a closing for the Rock Lake house (Halleluiah!) on Friday. Did I mention the TEN plumbing service calls I had to take care of last month as the people moved in early. One of which involved opening up the driveway to fix a broken sewer line- ugggh. If they ahd called one more time to tell me there was water coming from the kitchen ceiling I would have pulled my hair out. But it's sold- so that is wonderful! Now I just have to finish off the Ontario house... which is a little behind. The city is giving us a hard time on the plumbing and electrical items. Got Kitchen, tiling, wood floors, fixtures left to finish.... so pressure to get it done and the lady buying is HIGH maintenance :) But she is sweet. Lukey barfed twice wednesday night... was fine until this morning when he "burped" (as he calls it) three times. Wayne stayed home with him, and sister and I went to church- then stopped by my aforementioned buyer's house to sign off on the home inspection addendum.

Juggling lots.

And praying for grace for each day.

And looking forward to the 26th when we will be CRUISING with Disney ! ! ! ! I won't lie that is keeping me going!

How are you??


abbey said...

Wow you're amazing Les. I don't know how you juggle all that is going on for you guys. We're doing great! thanks for asking :) hope you have a great week!

MELISSA said...

Sounds like you are a busy busy mommy! Bet you can't wait for Disney! Woohoo!