Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Car Seat

Luke had outgrown the carseat he has in my car. We have a Brittax Marathon in Wayne's car which is awesome and still fits. But for his new seat I chose the Recaro Young Sport. All you moms I definately recommend this one for over 2 yrs. What I like about it? Easy to install, very soft fabric, it sits a little lower so he can get in it by himself, and the whole back slides up as they grow taller- so you never have to fight with taking the harness straps out and refeeding them. Oh and there are two side pieces that are awesome, one prevents their head from falling over to the side if they fall asleep; and one protects them more in the case of a side impact crash. It received grand reviews online also on safety. A little pricey at $249... but worth the peace of mind.


Billie said...

thanks for the advice Les. I might need a new one soon since Jordan is getting older. Thanks friend!

Rebekah said...

Thanks for the info. Duncan will be needing a new one before long :o) Its always nice to know what works for other moms! Hope you have a nice weekend.