Sunday, January 13, 2008


Luke and I spent a week in Islamorada with some of my family. It is about 1/2 way down the Florida Keys. Had been looking forward a lot to this trip. A peaceful, laid back spot; we all stayed at The Islander Resort. Joining us were my mom and dad, my sister Christina and brother in law Rob-- their kids Kaela, Jacob, and little Marin. Luke and I flew into Ft. Lauderdale on Monday afternoon, rented a car (Hotwire I do recommend on cars... I got a brand new Milan for $13 a day!) and drove the 2 hours to the keys. All went smoothly!

Kaela, Jacob , Luke and Marin

Tuesday was very warm- a great pool day for the kids. Jacob stayed in the pool literally ALL day. He makes friends easily and I had fun watching his different "dives". Kaela stayed in my room with Luke and I the whole time. I love you Kaela and it was special having you with us. You will always be my 'favorite girl'. I can't believe you are as tall as me now!

Wednesday started a rare 3 day cold front... it ended up hitting a 128 year record low. Isn't that funny! But we were there to spend time together so it wasn't a big deal. We drove down to Key West on wed. Had some lunch and went to an Aquarium. They had one tank in the wall that was full of- you guessed it- lobsters. Luke must have remembered the Atlantis lobsters b/c he started screaming No No- I don't want Lobsters! I was not right there but my dad said everyone was laughing :) Also walked around a bit and went to some shops there. Missed going to dinner at my favorite restaurant- 7 Fish. If you ever go to Key West you MUST eat here. The red snapper is to die for.

Lots of playing, walking along the beach. Luke and Jacob were best buds and didn't need much entertaining. Jacob lets Luke sit on him, wrestle him, but doesn't beat him back :) They once threw balled up socks at one another for at least an hour and were having the time of their lives. Thank you Jacob for playing so well with Luke- I love you. The resort had a continental breakfast which was a hit with the kids... Luke was introduced to Apple Jacks- which he asked for everyday after :) Best dinner was a Lobster dinner I had at Island Grill (mom blessed me with it for my birthday- thanks mom). Fresh florida lobster was the best! The served it with the lobster, head and all- but Luke did ok with the dead one. Go figure :)

Sweet Marin- She is just a little peanut and such a good baby.

My sis and kids left very early Sunday morning- mom, dad and us drove up to Ft. Lauderdale for the last day so we would be closer to the airport. We were right next to a great mall so we had Lunch at PF Changs, and walked around the mall. Walked to the beach also and hung out there a bit. Dad loves the beach front.

We had a really great time. Here are a few more favorite pictures.

Luke and "Papa Chambers" (I love that Luke calls him that) in the "bubbles". Thanks for taking him in Dad. He really loved that.
We had a relapse back with the paci after giving it up for a few months. This is classic!

And that's all Folks!


Erica said...

Marin IS a doll! What a cutiepie. Looks like a fun week. Glad you had such a fabulous time with your family. I am sure that meant the world to you!

Paul, Jess & Elise said...

Les...I was so excited to see you found us! Paul and I were just saying the other day, "I wonder how Wayne & Les are doing..." Luke is a cutie! Now I have your blog addy and will keep up with you and your fam. :)

Billie said...

I love your pictures Les. It was so great to see your family. I can't believe Kayla is SO big. And Luke is so cute too. I love his face in the picture with the turtle raft. love you friend. Glad you had a great vacation.