Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had a nice Christmas Day. Wayne and I heard Luke playing around on his bed with his tools.. so we snuck in and said "Merry Christmas Luke" and he looked surprised to see us in there. I made a run to the store that morning (yes, Farm Fresh and Food Lion were open- those poor workers) to get ingredients for Chipped Beef on Toast. Have you ever ate it? I was introduced to it by the Crosby's... butter, flour, and milk make a cream and then you add Beef and serve over white bread (the only time I eat white bread :) It is soooo yummy. Then we had Nanny and PawPaw over to watch Luke open his presents. The biggest hit was his "Scoop" from Bob the Builder. It has a remote control to make a both spin and go forward. Luke got the hang of it pretty quickly! My christmas present didn't go under the tree... I got to spend a week in Islamorada with my family-- post to come!

The second part of our Christmas was at Sharay and David's house. But I forgot my camera :( So no pictures there. We all buy the kids a present then the adults exchange names. I received a gift card to this great boutique maternity store near Hilltop called Now Showing. What a great name, huh? I used it after Christmas and lucked out b/c they had two racks 50-70% off !!! All you pregos can check out their website at They have some great brands on their website, my fav is momzee.


Linda Stewart said...

Hi Leslie! Luke is so precious and I love the pictures. I won't mind so much if you take me to Islamorada with you. :) I LOVE it there. It's so beautiful and peaceful. By the way, I know that you are in real estate. Do you do property management as well? Hope to hear from you soon and have a blast in Florida. Love, Linda

Erica said...

Sounds like a great Christmas. We must get together soon. I miss seeing you and "baby Luke" as Benjamin calls him. I guess he won't be the BABY for long. Congratulations! When are you due? Cannot wait to hear from you.

Love you!