Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dreaming of Baby

I bought baby's first couple of outfits. I didn't realize how heart warmed I would feel just browsing through all the pink, yellow, and flowery clothes. I loved it. The crib is in Luke's room with a queen bed- they will share a room for a while. So I thought I would try to find a new crib bedding and bumper set that had a bit of light green in it like the wall color. Mom- that is your cue to start looking :) You're so much better at that stuff than I am. Oh and I found my ultimate baby wish thing- this stroller called Bugaboo. It is so cool but so expensive. If I start saving and selling stuff now maybe I can get a pink one by June :)


Linda Stewart said...

See, I told you how much fun it is to browse through the baby girl clothes section! When I was pregnant with Ava I remember not wanting to buy her any pink clothes because ALL baby girls wear just pink. I changed my mind as soon as I went to Babies R Us and saw everything. I have sold alot of my girl's baby clothes, but there are some that I keep for sentimental value. I would love to give you one of those outfits/sleepers for your baby girl. Everything that I have is clean and there are no stains. Of course, whatever it is, it will most likely be pink. Ava is now 5 and I get even more excited about buying her clothes than I did when she was a newborn! Then when Jackie came along, I bought 2 of the same thing in different sizes so they could dress alike. Ava told me recently that she didn't want to dress the same as Jackie anymore so I guess I'll have to stop doing that! Have you heard any talk of a baby shower yet?
Anyways, thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I am going to buy the book you recommended this weekend. Do you still keep in touch with any of your friends that had anorexia, and if you do, have they recovered? You are a great friend and I appreciate your support so much! Thanks again and you were SO right on the money when you mentioned baby steps. See you Sunday. Love, Linda

jess said...

Hey Les, Congrats on the news of having a sweet,baby girl! I am so excited for you. Are you feeling good? I was sick for the first 20 weeks with Harrison..a constant feeling of nausea. I was so happy to see yu got on my blog awhile back.. let's keep in touch. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this exciting time. I miss you girl! I love the stoller it is fabulous start selling and saving now!