Thursday, August 6, 2009

First Time under the knife

Well, I am recovering today from getting my umbical hernia repaired. Damage caused from Sophia being a big basketball in utero :) Went in yesterday around 2pm. It was funny being the patient instead of the caregiver. I had to get an IV (took her 2 tries even with my awesome veins??) Even with the births of my 2 kiddos I did all natural, no pain meds, no IV- so this was a little nerve racking for me. The guy put some stuff in the IV and oxygen over my nose, then I remember briefly seeing the two big discs above my head in the operating room and them pulling my arms to the side... then waking up in recovery. I was pretty groggy but ok. Belly feels like someone punched me in the stomach hard. Tried the pain meds but I barfed :( So switched to just advil and I was able to eat tonight. Nanny has helped with the kids, and Christen was awesome to bring them clothes and drive them to school so I could rest. Which is pretty much what I did today. (other than get some signatures on a contract, negotiate a counter offer, and show the duplex next door) Ahhhh- it's always something :)

Wayne took a picture of me on his new iphone when I was waking up- I'll post it if it's not too scarey haha.

And on a brighter note... I am an AUNTIE again!!! My sis was a trooper this morning and gave birth to her fourth babe, third girl--- Ms. Laine Ashlynn Zimmerman. I am eagerly awaiting pics from Aunt Jess. Wish I could have been there...


Jessica Rockey said...

Ahhh! Waking up from surgery is the worst! I have an awful recovery room story ( TMI for a blog). Glad you've got some help... I'll be praying for a quick recovery!

Erica said...

Oh I hope you feel great by now!!!! And shame on wayne for snapping a picture when you are so groggy :) haha Now go ahead and post it anyway!
Love to you!!!