Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bye Bye Paci

And while you may have thought that title referred to Sophia-- I actually mean Luke (gasp!)
I know, I know. Who would've thought a four year old still wanted his paci. But for Luke it was no small feat. Boy did he love that thing. He was without it for I think 8 months until sister was born... but then he stole her pink paci and was back on the bandwagon at 3 years. I thought, this is ridiculous; but it really was the only thing that calmed him down in the car and before bed/while sleeping. So I just let him have it. Probably more for my sanity.

I was getting worried as he passed 4 and still would not give it up. At first he was slightly deterred when I told him it would give him buck teeth-- and showed him a picture of that on the computer. But the Real WIN came from good old Paw Paw, who told him that he would turn blue if he sucked on the paci. And wouldn't you know he believed him- HA! He would hold it and say "mom I really want to put this in my mouth", and I say "no I don't want a blue son" and he would set it back down.


This is almost as good as the day he finally went poop in the potty :)


MELISSA said...

Hooray! That is a big milestone! :)

abbey said...

Yay! That is too funny.