Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Clothing Faves

Well I started looking around for Fall Clothes for the babes. Well I guess I can't call Luke a babe anymore since he isn't using his paci haha. Luke wears babygap 4 or 5T's well... which we still have some that will fit from last year. For Sophia I love Baby Nay, Tralala, Baby Lulu

Now Girls, I get these on ebay because I don't spend THAT much money for a full price outfit from these designers. I found a set of like 6 barely worn outfits for $46. What a deal... $7 for a $50 boutique outfit!!

But a new kind of urban line I love for them both this year is MiniBoden ! They have tons of cute baby, and bigger kid stuff.

Like check out this periwinkle polo:

So handsome for my Luke! And I almost passed out when I saw this orange cord romper for Sweeters...
The tights are on a 17 week backorder- HA!

Oh and this one for her First day of "School" :)
Speaking of the first day of school... was so pleased to see the Luke will be a LadyBug in Ms. Laura's class! And Sophia will be an Angelfish with Ms. Erin.
What are your fall favs? Would love to hear. Leslie I know you have some good ones!!


Erica said...

MiniBoden is my favorite store for my boys. Don't ever pay full price. They always have at least 10% off and free shipping...usually more. My favorite is free shipping and buy 3 get one free! And the backorder is never as long as they say! So, rest easy :) Their clothes are amazing! And, they hold up so well in the wash. LOVE THEM!

Leslie said...

Love miniboden, too! I also have become a big fan of Gap. I love that I can coordinate the girls but am not committed to a "line" like at Gymboree. They wash well and are cute! Zaza Couture has a lot of cute things too. We wear a lot of it to church.