Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We left Thursday for our first weekend at the Beach Traila... just an hour's drive to beach bliss :) We took Caleb with us so Luke would have a Buddy. Spent some time cleaning and such-- Wayne had been up last weekend to install baby gates on the deck. Because Sophia in the last week has really started walking around! She is too cute with her chubby little bow legs tottling around here and there. Barefoot mostly- Doesn't like her shoes.

We usually grill out but one night went to a brewery b/c they boasted an outdoor play thing for kids- perfect! We can eat and not have to worry about kids being loud, or sitting in their chair. And we all had a great time.

Much rather be eating this scrumptious tuna appetizer with my honey :)

We made it to church on sunday too... we started going to Nagshead church last summer. Home of Nate- Confessions of a CF Husband. I was a little star struck when I dropped Sophia off in the Nursery and Gweneth was there! She is so famous hee hee. Maybe you mommy bloggers might think that was cool.

So it was a great weekend. And looking forward to friday or saturday when my mom and dad are coming to visit for a week!!!! Can't wait to see you guys!

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