Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome to 'My Traila'

So here is our new weekend getaway in the Outer Banks... we call it the beach house or the RV, Luke calls it 'my traila'. Which is funny because a good portion of Wayne's extended family lives in trailers in SC; and this is the start of a lot of funny family banter! Wayne jokes with his mom that somewhere in New York there is a family wondering where is my son :) So it is ironic that we have our own trailer- haha.

But we really do love it! Sleeps 6. Kitchen, Bath- All you need. The covered deck is the best, you can sit outside and visit, play cards, read. Luke can putz around close by and I don't have to worry. Everyone already knows the mayor. I found him next door with 3 14 year old girls teaching them the Mambo last week! He is so funny.

Eating Nanny's Egg Salad- a true treat!

With Cousin Caleb- Funny goggles!

Mama and her boy :) We like to have picnics on the grass.

Surfin'... poppy says he has great balance

Me and the girl at the beach!

Luke is already a better swimmer than I! He goes under and loves it.

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Anonymous said...

Sis- Looks fun--you look great!!! Your blog always makes me smile no matter what!
Love, Christina