Sunday, May 3, 2009

We're Baaaack :)

Well we are back and had an amazing time cruising on the Disney Magic!

Now this was our first cruise, and we did take both kids... so everything went well aside from the normal amount of meltdowns and misbehavin' :) The boat itself was beautiful- and I have to say the staff had everything down to a "T". Our little maid cleaned the cabin twice a day (will miss that heehee), and at night turned down the sheets and opened Luke's pull out, and made a fun animal out of a towel. Plus he would leave chocolates. Luke loved seeing what animal and more importantly how many chocolates each night!

They provided a "navigator" each day with about 300 different things to do around the boat. Character greetings and pictures, music shows, BINGO (yay!), dancing, family games, and whatever you could think of. Luke could go to the Oceaneer Club whenever he wanted. He usually went twice-- they page you when child is ready to be picked up. Which for Luke was probably when he started acting like a hot mess haha.

He wore his pirate hat, sword everywhere; and continually whined- I mean talked me into- buying him two more hooks, a little parrot he named Polly to put on his arm, two eye patches, a sword that glowed and made noise, and two telescopes-- and I think that is it. Who knew I was such a pushover :)

The top deck had several pool areas, one just for kids. Enjoyed that area a lot. Sweeters did not take to the water. She yelled when I put her feet in the water... so no young fish here. She did although start WALKING! She will take 3 or 4 steps to you, so cute. And that was on a rockin boat, so we will see how it goes on land now!

The port stops were ok. Tortola was disappointing- no shopping or real beach. I bet they don't stop there again. But our lunch was yummy. On St. Thomas we took a scenic truck ride. The guide was recommended on tripadvisor. I was thinking an hour, but 2 later I was ready to be done. I was slap happy as he kept stopping to run and get us plant leafs to smell- and it was just funny after a while. But a fun memory. Luke was scared of the high hills (straight up)-- but Sophia was laughing and about hanging out of the truck. So she will be the dare devil like Wayne :) At least he has someone to go with him! We tried some native food at their Carnival-- then went back to the boat early because there were so many people I was nervous about losing Luke. One last stop at Disney's Castaway Cay Island- which was a fun beach day for all. Except for Sophia who again yelled when I tried to put her in the water.

Our camera got left (no names mentioned) on the top of St. Thomas :( I bought a kodak disposable so will have to work on getting pics up. Boo-Hoo

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Jessica Rockey said...

Wow Les! Sounds fun... so glad you guys got some quality family time! Much needed, I'm sure!