Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heaven at Home

Started reading this excellent book by Ginger Plowman and wanted to share a part with you all...

"The woman sets the ambiance of the home. If mom delights in the role that God has ordained her to fill, she sets the stage for the other family members to do the same.

If mom is uptight and stressed-out over the responsibilites and realities of life, her tension will rub off on the attitudes of her family. If she is neglectful of her everyday duties or negative about the problems that life brings her way, her attitudes will be reflected in the thoughts and actions of her husband and children.

Youch! That passage was very convicting for me... I had gotten to a place of letting anger and bitterness be a part of my thoughts; focusing on the sins and shortfalls of my family, while missing the target totally in my purpose and ignoring my sin. Repentence followed and I have definately been challenged to make my home heavenly and a place my husband and kids will long to be. I definately don't want to be an uptight, worrying mom. I don't want to be negative about my circumstances. I am praying that God changes me in this area as it is a habitual temptation to fall back into for me when things are not going well. I want to glorify Christ as a wife, mom, and keeper of my home.

Is your home heavenly?


Linda said...

Thanks for sharing about the book. It definitely sounds like a MUST READ for me! Seems like I haven't seen you in ages. Hope to see you soon! (:

Anonymous said...

Seems like this passage is just for me. Your blog always touches my heart and brings smiles to my face. Sissy is so happy and pretty! Marin just said her name while looking at the last pics! Love and miss you.